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Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

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Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

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Telugu Bible in PDF

1. Genesis
2. Exodus

3. Luke
4. John

Telugu Bible Commentaries PDF

for English E Bibles
1. Bible eBook

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Telugu bible Voice

Telugu Bible Computer Software

to download please click here under

Extract RAR files
First Install e-sword 9.0 and follow the rules click next, next, finally finish
System will ask Restart at the end of the software installation click OK.
when system restarted again open this folder install BarahaIME 1.0 click next, next, finish.
again install Telugu esword click next, next finish.
Please Open from Start - Programs - e-sword
and Open from start - programs - BarahaIME
E-Sword when you see in Bible tab "KJV""KJV+""Telugu" click Telugu to see telugu Bible
and important information to you
when BarahaIME open, It appears besides of Time at the right bottom of the system screen as KN
please click KN, change language Telugu and convert from English to Telugu click
when you type in you computer it appears telugu.
see help for how to type telugu

In Esword click Binocular symbol at top of the software or down at "Telugu" that means Find
when you type "prEma" it appears in Telugu find in the Telugu Bible how many times, where it is.
Thanking you.
in any doubts please email to me

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